Measurable impact on your business

Financial stress among employees is costing millions in lost productivity and high turnover. Giving employees immediate control over their own paycheck increases productivity, motivation and retention leading to a measurable impact to the bottom line for your business.

Reduced Turnover Costs

Allowing employees to access their earned wages increases motivation and job satisfaction resulting in considerable savings

Higher Retention

Offering real financial benefits to boost employee financial health creates trust and helps retain and attract high-performing talent

Increased Productivity

Accessing earned wages when needed, employees experience less financial stress and can focus on what is really important for your business

Why your employees will love it

wagely is a unique employee benefit solution that enables your employees to access part of their already earned wages allowing greater flexibility to pay bills on time, avoid late fees, and pay for unexpected expenses – all in one click.


Transfer of already earned wages at any point in time if needed.


Helps to understand “how money works” to make smarter decisions.

Seamless integration

Up and running in no time – with no change to processes, cash flow or costs.



We start with identifying your specific needs so you get the most benefit



We work closely with your HR-department to help onboard you to our platform



We tailor the communication plan for you and your employees ensures a successful launch

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Delivering real social impact

We are proud to partner with impact investors and charities to help reduce the poverty premium and to provide social equality and economic opportunities for underserved communities in Southeast Asia.

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