How often do you get asked for a salary advance?

Significant savings on administrative expenses and working capital

Number of employees
Average cash advance
Company savings of up to ...

... in cash advances
Less Risk

Mitigate your exposure and reduce the unnecessary risk of default

Less Costs

Eliminate the administrative burden that comes with distribution and deductions

Less Capital

Free up locked capital and avoid the disruption of your cash flow

Seamless integration

Up and running in no time – with no change to processes, cash flow or costs.



We start with identifying your specific needs so you get the most benefit



We work closely with your HR-department to help onboard you to our platform



We tailor the roadmap for you and your employees ensures a successful launch

Less stress, more savings

Immediate access to ones paycheck generates considerable savings for employers.

Reduced Turnover Costs

Allowing employees to access their earned wages increases motivation and job satisfaction resulting in considerable savings

Higher Retention

Offering real financial benefits to boost employee financial health creates trust and helps retain and attract high-performing talent

Increased Productivity

Accessing earned wages when needed, employees experience less financial stress and can focus on what is really important for your business

Turn financial wellness into financial benefit for your bottom line.

© wagely 2022 All rights reserved.

© wagely 2022 All rights reserved.